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Claudine Scialdo Ehlers

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Ever since I can remember, I have loved creating something that brought a smile to someone's face.  Whether it was a drawing, a painting, a crocheted blanket, or any crafty thing that struck my fancy, I loved creating it for the people who are special to me. 

Art has always been my happy place. 



After attending an art college, I left Florida in 1991 for Washington, DC and flourished in a career with the Federal Government for over 14 years.  I enjoyed every minute of the hustle but it was a far cry from the artistic path I thought I'd follow.  

Experiencing the attacks of 9/11 while in DC, and then becoming a mom, I then made my decision to come back to Naples to be closer to family.

Owner/Artist Claudine Scialdo Ehlers
Photo Credit: Savor Photography

I spent several years co-owning a screen printing business with my youngest brother and also working for other family businesses, I decided it was finally time to give my creative and artistic nature another debut. And so Evolution Beauty was born!

I really, really love this job!! Permanent makeup gives women a renewed sense of confidence and gives them back time that we all want more of in our busy lives.  And the body art tattooing, well, I feel like I was meant for it. The best part is that my art still makes people smile - which makes every minute of this career a blessing!  

Evolution Beauty's Open House 2019
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