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Now that you have the most amazing permanent brows and/or eyeliner that you could've ever imagined, it is up to you and your body to take care of those babies.  Please know that everyone will heal differently and at different speeds.  You will be given an aftercare kit that will include everything you need to take care of your brows/eyeliner during the healing period as well as detailed written instructions.  Please take a look at the healing overview to make sure you can commit to your brow journey.

What to Expect During Healing

Remember that healing is a process and everyone heals differently.  PLEASE BE PATIENT. Your tattoo will change and appear differently day by day as it goes through the process.   THIS IS NORMAL.



  • You WILL gently wash your brows each day and night and put a rice-sized amount of aftercare on your brows. (Details will be included in your aftercare kit)

  • You cannot get your brows directly wet in the shower, pool, or ocean for the first week. 

  • Do not take long, hot, steamy showers.  No sauna either! 

  • No makeup directly on the brows.

  • No tanning 30 days before or after.

  • No sweating - yoga, gym, swimming, exertion

  • No retinol, anti-aging creams, or botox (for 30 days).

  • No sleeping on your side.


Day 1-2: Brows are crisp and are 20-40% darker and bolder than your healed results will be.  Some clients will swell minimally, and some will swell more.  Everyone heals differently. This can cause the area(s) to appear uneven, red, itchy, or irritated when healing. 


Day 3-5: Your brows will begin to feel a little itchy and the pigment may appear raised.  Brows will appear dark due to oxidation and flaking/scabbing.  The top layers of your skin will begin to shed - microblading tends to shed less than powder or ombre brows. It may even look like hair strokes are coming off or there is no color left.   Powder & Ombre brows may have larger scabs and areas of uneven healing. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH!!  Let them fall off naturally.


Day 6-9: The skin is rapidly exfoliating and will shed if left alone.  The pigment under the exfoliating skin will appear light until the epidermis takes on its more transparent characteristics.  It may look like your new permanent eyebrows are starting to disappear! But don't worry, the color does return.


Day 10-30: Most or all of the flaking/scabbing has fallen off naturally.  Brows will appear light and will warm up as the skin continues to heal. Color will begin to brighten again and reappear. Try to be patient during this time as you will go through a series of changes in the opacity of your brows. After day 14, you may gently apply some brow makeup if you want even out the patchiness.


Day 30-60: Now is the time to critique your brows.  The tattoo has now become part of the dermis, seen under the epidermis. Did you book your perfection appointment?




Some tenderness, puffiness (even bruising), redness, and itchiness are quite normal throughout the healing process. Do not pick, peel or scratch the treated area as this could result in your color healing unevenly, as well as the risk of scarring and infection.

Limit your shower to 5 minutes to avoid creating too much steam. Don't take an exceptionally hot shower and keep bathroom doors open so as not to cause a steam effect. Keep your face/procedure area out of the water while you wash your body. At the very end of your shower, wash your hair and rinse away from your face. Finally, you may wash your procedure area with a very light touch and rinse thoroughly at the end of your shower. Your face/procedure will only be getting wet at the very end of the shower.

Lastly... relax. Don't worry about a thing. It's just a tattoo that will lighten, soften and heal in a matter of days. Do exactly as has been advised to you to do and all will heal well. Complications are extremely rare.

Day 1-2: Swelling, tenderness, looks like you've been crying, heavy eye makeup look, color discharge. Swelling usually lasts for a few hours after waking up on day two, still a heavy eye makeup look, and traces of pigment around the eye area. Eyeliner looks very thick and defined.

Day 3-5: Less swelling, tight, black discharge, pigment begins to lift away from the skin. Exfoliation - pigment and skin beneath will begin to flake off. DO NOT pick at it.

Day 6-7: Blinking movement of the eye usually removes all pigment by this day. Color looks somewhat grayish - it will take a few days to clarify to full color.

Day 8-10: Color is very light and soft. You may feel it is too light and that your skin did not take the color well.

Day 10-21: Color returns and definition is more obvious. Itchiness is normal.

Day 30: Healing is complete. All color is healed within the skin. Your permanent eyeliner should look very natural and soft.



Day of Procedure: If you've ever wondered what you'd look like with lip filler, well, you're going to find out with a lip tattoo! ha ha! Yes, your lips will be swollen after a lip blush procedure and some swell more than others. You can expect that most of the swelling will go down overnight.

Remember: The final color retention will be visible around 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment. 

Day 3-5:  You might experience mild pain, mild swelling, itchiness, and flaky skin on the lip area.


Avoid these for the first 7 days:

  • Makeup applied close to your lips

  • Exercise or other activities that would make you sweat

  • Steamy hot showers or saunas

  • Kissing

  • Food/Drinks touching your lips

Avoid these for 2 weeks:

  • Spray tans

  • Sunbathing, tanning beds, and direct, prolonged sunlight

  • Swimming pools (chlorinated and saltwater), swimming in the ocean, saunas, jacuzzi.

  • Direct shower spray on lip area 

  • Beauty treatments near your lips like waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.

Basically... Do not get your lips wet (aside from cleansing) until they have fully healed and the scabs/flaking skin has fallen off.  For the first several days, you will want to drink with a straw, and avoid allowing food to directly touch your lips.

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